Capo Nata Lean Body Bra Review - A Bra Proven to Support While Helping you Lose Weight

Feel Great

At times exercising for a full body woman is very difficult without added support.  Most sports bras just don’t do the trick. Running without proper support can be uncomfortable even painful to an endowed woman. Many women resort to other measures, including wearing more than one sports bra or changing exercises to a less breast moving exercise.

Capo Nata Lean Body Bra helps a woman exercise in comfort and even get leaner in the process.  This dilemma of the endowed woman inspired Hollywood stuntwoman Natasha Hopkins to create the sportswear line Capo Nata Apparel. Natascha who was born in Worms, Germany loves being on set, however she found her passion when she filled this important void in the activewear market.

Make it a Fashion Item

The popular Capo Nata lean body sports bra maintains extra support in the bust while giving a comfort.  This bra provides the maximum support necessary to: walk, run, flip, and stretch comfortably. The patented design has a top portion using thick, durable fabric, with fitted with bra cups between the doubled fabric.  The bottom portion of the Lean Body Sports Bra is composed of neoprene. A non-breathable material, neoprene, which insulates the torso area to produce sweat and promote weight loss in the waist. There is extra-absorbent fabric under and around the neoprene to absorb sweat.

The dynamic sports bra made with built-in neoprene fabric; supports and strengthen the core area. Plus the bra, which has been tested and proven to take inches off the waistline and lower abdomen when worn during a regular fitness regimen. So this newly designed product, helps to support your back when working out and encourages weight loss in your mid-section due to the non-breathable fabric that holds you just enough.

It’s also great for anyone who wants to target their midsection during their workout. The Lean Body Sports Bra is cut in a way that cradles the hard to target lower stomach. It is meant to be fitted and snug, contoured to hug your waistline into the figure every woman wants. Recommend to any woman who has suffered from back pain or lack of support while exercising the Lean Body Sports Bra.

When buying users need to make sure to get the correct size for their body. It is really best to make an appointment before purchasing. Like a wetsuit, the Lean Body Sports Bra, can be as difficult to get on. You need to be comfortable sitting, have a full range of movement and can bend easily. Otherwise, this bra poor fit makes sitting exercises like biking and certain weights a little more difficult.

Natascha Hopkins

Hollywood stuntwoman and actress Natascha Hopkins, made a whole new apparel line. Besides bras, the full, high-quality collection of athletic gear for women and men including t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, pants, leggings, hats, and more. The sporty collection is fully functional and engineered to provide consumers with comfort, flexibility, and style.   

Work Out in Comfort


A very high-end product is the Capo Nata Lean Body Bra, Capo-Nata (which means “Born Leader” in Italian), is the only line that carries an apparel item proven to help you lose weight – the Lean Body Sports Bra. At $125, it is different from other sports bras due to its patented and tested materials.



If you want to work out like a Hollywood insider, visit CapoNada to purchase the Lean Body Sports Bra, and learn more about the items from the brand’s fitness and lifestyle collection.












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