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Bikram Yoga Review - Turning Up the Heat in Vegas!

By Temple Brathwaite

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Bikram Green Valley


I am sure that just by sheer glance at the title; you could wonder why anyone would want to turn up the heat in Vegas. A city that rises well into the 100s during summer months, Vegas is the last place you would think about when it comes to intentionally enduring extremely hot temperatures.  Yet spread all across the valley from Henderson to Summerlin you can find Bikram Yoga studios and variations of such everywhere.

At a successfully maintained temperature of 105 degrees with 40% humidity, the yoga studio is ready to host a 90-min torture session.  That’s right 90-mins of the best mental struggle you will ever have in your life. We’re talking Muhammad Ali kind of fight! “Leave the room, don’t leave the room!” These are just a few of the thoughts that cross your mind as you try to maintain standing-bow-pulling-pose,  and pulling concentration to your form in the mirror and not the drops of sweat falling from your face.  Within the first few minutes of class, usually by half-moon pose your body has completely warmed from the inside-out and you begin to sweat. Little beads of water collect at the back of your knees, shins, brows and before you know it you’ve created your own pool of sweat on the towel and mat below.

26 Postures


Welcome to Bikram Yoga Green Valley!  Every class is taught by a certified teacher that guides you through each of the 26 postures by the sound of their voice. This allows you to focus solely on what is in front of you and take direction only from their given commands. The night-before-prep of hydrating, freezing one of two bottles of water, mat and towel, your check list is complete and you are ready for class.  As you enter the studio, smooth indie tones echo from the walls. A sense of peace and calm flush you and you’ve immediately succumb to a hushed tone, silence.  At the start of practice, beginners are given a quick overview of class but are encouraged to look to their counterparts for guidance and most importantly if all else fail, just remain in the room.  For 90-mins, your body is challenged in strength, balance, and endurance as it rids itself of waste and toxins.  As postures work to slim waistlines and tone muscles, the ever present heat works to detoxify the body.  After class you are welcomed by a cheerful front staff ready to congratulate you on the success of your 1st or 100th class. New comers get fundamental welcome packets but on warm summer day fresh fruit is displayed which is a treat for everyone after enduring such a feat.

After regaining your ground you can indulge in the beauty of the studio with a small boutique offering appropriate Bikram attire as well as profound literature on the Bikram practice. Vital refreshments like Gatorade and coconut water are sold at front to quickly help you refresh and hydrate the body while restrooms are equipped with showers as a nice luxury after a humid class. The Bikram Yoga practice begins and ends with a breathing exercise and after class the sigh of relief is renowned. With each class being nothing like the previous, you embark on each day unknowning of what the 90-mins may hold. The end result is more than breathtaking. Leaving class full of energy and rejuvenated you are ready to venture forward a healthier, hotter you. So for more information on how you can turn the heat up in Vegas, feel free to email Bikram Green Valley or follow them on Facebook and Twitter

See the Sweat


Bikram Yoga Green Valley

1550 N Green Valley Parkway, Suite 310
Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702) 463-0671
Fax: (702) 446-0461

Published on Aug 14, 2013

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