Back Exercises with Donna Spangler

Back Exercises with Donna

Summertime is about feeling confident in your skin and body. Whether that means breaking out your bikini for the pool or beach, getting into a tiny summer dress, or wearing your favorite cut off shorts, we don’t want to feel self-conscious about our bodies. Although most of us realize that eating healthy and moderate exercise are key to self-preservation and staying fit, most of us don’t necessarily take full advantage of the ways in which we work out.

Today I want to talk about exercises to develop a slender, lean back. There are certain exercises that can help you achieve your desired results when combined with a regular cardio routine. One of my favorite back exercises is demonstrated in the video below with my favorite trainer, Aldo Juliano. In the video, Aldo shows me how to do the lateral row with resistance bands. All you need are resistance bands, a chair, and a pole or door.

When performing the lat row, make sure to sit straight up in the chair with good posture. Pull the bands towards your body, keeping your arms straight and repeat until you have completed at least three sets of ten. It is important that when performing strength training exercises, you stay persistent. Results take time to build and keeping that in mind will help you to realistically orient your goals! Have a wonderful weekend friends and stay cool!


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