Vibration Machine Los Angeles - FBE Spa is the Place for Weight Loss and More

Would you like to decrease cellulite, accelerate weight loss, increase muscle strength, flexibility, and your metabolism? Would you like to get a complete workout in only 10-15 minutes a day? Intrigued? So am I.

Whole body vibration machines have a vibrating platform which vibrates at variable frequencies

Whole body vibration machines, such as the well known Power Plate machines, have a vibrating platform which vibrates at variable frequencies causing the users muscles to contract and retract. The user not only stands on the platform but they perform exercises such as squats, and push ups. The FBE Spa website gives a great scientific explanation - “As the vibrations go through your body you experience muscle contraction. During muscle contraction, there is a voluntary reflex and an involuntary reflex. During a whole body vibration exercise, an involuntary reflex muscle contraction occurs up to 50 times a second as opposed to a traditional exercise in which that same involuntary reflex muscle contraction only occurs once or twice a second. Thus, 10 minutes on the EOS 6600, with its vertical whole body vibration is comparable to about 60 minutes of doing the same exercise without vibration.”

As the vibrations go through your body you experience muscle contractionInf

Whole body vibration machines are all the rage in Europe for years. I first heard of them when I was in London and have been on the lookout for them here in the U.S.. When I found out about FBE Spa – “Firm Body Evolution” in Los Angeles, I was excited and intrigued. They aren’t just a gym but a holistic health and fitness spa. In addition to the vibration machines they have Infrared Jade Saunas where you can burn 600 calories in just a half hour. They also offer services such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy.

So, imagine this scenario with me: driving to the Miracle Mile area of L.A. going into a Spa which overlooks the La Brea Tar Pits and getting a full work out in an amazing 10-15 minutes. After your workout you get to relax in a sauna for half an hour while you burn an amazing 600 calories. In less than an hour losing fat, boosting your metabolism, gaining muscles and flexibility all of this more efficiently than you would in a traditional exercise program. Now, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Infrared Jade Sauna

Check back with us for our full “He said/She said” review of FBE Spa.

For more information on FBE Spa go to their website at or call them at 323 936 3737.

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