Umix's Nutri-Bottle…the only 2-chamber bottle for powder to liquid drinks

Most of us who workout consume some sort of supplement after our

workouts. Chances are, those supplements come in powder-form. So what are we to do? Pre-mix our drink in a bottle or container before we head out to the gym, then after our commute to the gym and an hour-long workout, we're ready for that drink. Pop the top, take a swig from it and…eurgh. Our now room-temperature drink tastes stale and has clumped up at the bottom of the container. Well, if you had the Nutri-bottle, you would not have that problem at all.

Umix continues its innovation by introducing the only 2-chambered cold-core bottle for active individuals, from the health-conscious to pro-athletes. More than any ordinary water bottle, the Umix Nutri-bottle has these distinguishing features:

  • It has an upper chamber to keep the powder separate from the liquid
  • The upper chamber easily flips to mix when ready to drink
  • There is a freezable center that keeps the beverage cold for up to 4 hours
  • Patented center with blender action thoroughly mixes all powder to liquid drinks
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean

So how does this bottle work? It is actually quite ingenius.

The upper chamber is designed to keep the powder separate from the liquid until it is ready to drink, thus preventing spoilage and maximizing freshness of the beverage. All you have to do is flip the upper chamber over to dump the powder into the liquid which is contained in the lower chamber, shake it up and drink. The bottle also contains a patented, freezable center that keeps the liquid cold for up to 4 hours long. Toss the center into the freezer for about an hour or so, then screw it back to the bottom of the bottle and you've got instant refrigeration for your drinks. This center core also doubles as blender with an internal mechanism that declumps and smoothes drinks to achieve the perfect consistency. True to its word, I brought the Nutri-bottle to the gym and after my workout, proceeded to mix the contents in one easy motion. The only thing that I found inconvenient about using the bottle was that people kept coming up to me to ask me about the interesting contraption, thus preventing me from actually drinking from it.

The Nutri-Bottles are available at select Max Muscle stores, Pro Shops, and directly from The hold a combined volume of 16 oz., come in an array of colours and retail for about $5.99 per bottle.

For more information, you can also contact 1-888-864-UMIX.


Shawn H. Ooi is a Los Angeles-based freelance personal trainer specializing in fitness, boxing, kickboxing and martial arts instruction.With over 16 years of professional experience, he has trained some of L.A.'s influential professionals as well as Hollywood's elite. Shawn is available for one-on-one or group training sessions and consultations. He may be reached at (323) 960 7631 or at [email protected].

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