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The Fitness Trainers

Nimble Fitness is a fitness studio centrally located at 42 East 12th St. just a few blocks away from Union Sq, Manhattan.  The studio has just been relocated in December 2009 for an impressive larger space of 3000 sq ft.  A beautiful glass fronted building on street level.  The co-founders Keith Paine and Daniel Lucas formed this studio back in 2005 to use their fitness expertise to inspire others to lead a healthy life.  Along with a third trainer Antonio Sini (fitness personality), forms a high caliber team that caters to the upscale, including a few celebrities.

Most studios in the neighborhood, offers only one form of discipline like yoga.  The founder’s takes on a complete wellness approach to fitness.  All three specialist trainers are certified and qualified to offer their clients one on one workout sessions using integrated training.  By this they first assess their client’s needs, goals and current fitness level.  After obtaining this, they create an inspiring fitness plan that integrates various training activities including, yoga/pilates, resistance weight training and nutritional advice.  This provides the client a progressive program with personal attention that will give them the results they need.  The benefits of one on one training, is to ensure good techniques are used and to improve the quality of the health and mind with support.

Cardio Equipment

Free Weights Area













All the State-of-the-Art Strength & Cardiovascular Equipment, and Exercise equipment is located on the first level.  The studio offers an impressive free weights area.  The founders implement functional training within the program by only using free weights.  The use of free weights is better then using equipment machines because it allows the clients to use the whole body, when using good form and technique.

 As I worked out, Keith my trainer showed me a few movements to use my body as a resistance.   This is highly encouraged during training sessions.  They also provide a couple of Cable machines for weight training.  It’s designed for the client to use their full body, when working out.

The studio is in a class of its own.  I loved the décor; it’s clean and simple with personal touches of elegance.  The spacious studio is stunning with high ceilings and stylish changing rooms with shower facilities.  It offers a great place to workout in a relaxed, peaceful environment without the crowds.  As clients have one on one full attention on the first level all group sessions are held downstairs.

Pilates Apparatus

As you descend a level you enter a huge mirrored studio with alluring art decor.  Yoga and Pilates sessions are also available in a group setting.  Other group sessions held are sculpting; this class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance.  This is a great class to compliment a cardio workout.  Next is the TRX System, which involves a thick cord, mounted to the ceiling bar for suspension training.  It delivers an effective whole body workout.  This requires high discipline as it effectively conditions the core muscles with bodyweight training. 

Display of the TRX System

Spin classes is a great workout available for those wishing to burn calories fast.  The next interesting class is the Kettlebell.  In these sessions a 15lb weight in the shape of a kettle and a bell is used in swinging motions.  Kettlebell is a unique and dynamic exercise tool that delivers extreme all around fitness.  It is most effective when performed in circuits.  The diversity of classes will keep you challenged and coming back for more.

For those like myself who needs to kick their fitness levels up a notch, can take part in the Mind/Body Boot Camp.  This fantastic camp is a one on one session separately with all three Nimble Fitness trainers, each using different training principles, after a full assessment.  It’s a great workout and I see why it’s even better to have three instructors because it forces your body to experience muscle confusion.  In other words, so that your body doesn’t get used to one style and then reach a plateau in development.

Basement Studio For Group Sessions

Different techniques will help you reach a higher level physically as well as mentally in a safe, effective and fun workout.  The tailored program is for anyone at a good fitness level.  Prep training will be provided if needed to allow the client to reach the desired fitness level to compete in this intense training.

A Vision To Guide Others Towards Their Goals

Nimble Fitness provides one on one consultation in person/phone on other aspects of health, fitness and also nutrition.  A member’s website is available for both members and non members with customized programs and video exercises. 
To take part in the program and for further details on the studio, please visit the website at

New Location:
42 East 12th Street
Between Broadway & University
New York, NY 10003
(212) 633-9030



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