Green your fitness routine: from Ashley Borden, celeb fitness trainer

Green Your Fitness Routine

Gym-rats love the Earth too. LA-based fitness expert Ashley Borden is currently working on reducing her own carbon footprint. In doing so, she shares with clients all her recent discoveries for ways to make workouts more ‘sustainable’ – and by that, she doesn’t mean endurance. A NIKE Elite Athlete and recent spokesperson for Nintendo’s Wii Fit, Borden travels the country training clients like Natasha Bedingfield, Ryan Gosling and Taraji P Henson.

Ashley Borden, celeb fitness trainer

Borden’s tips to greener fitness include:
1.    Buy a 32oz reusable water bottle (www.nalgene-outdoor,com) – This may seem obvious, but just imagine how many bottles you will avoid dumping in a year if you go to the gym even three times a week? That’s 144 bottles!
2.    Bike to the gym one day a week - train yourself to ride, not drive. Then build up days from there. One mile in a car can equal up to one pound of carbon released into the atmosphere so every time you walk, bike or run, you're reducing your carbon footprint!
3.    Organic Cotton Serenity Tights or Capris ( – Patagonia is setting the pace for green companies. These tights are soft and stretchy for unrestricted mobility on the mat, and they have an adjustable waist that rolls up or down.


Serenity tights from Patagonia

4.     Reversible Yoga Mat ( - Made from a patented phthalate- and latex-free material, it’s thick, grippy and durable, perfect for anything from restorative poses to hot and sweaty vinyasa yoga.

Reversible Yoga Mat from Gaiam

5.    The “Rita” bamboo dress from Sworn Virgins ( – I love this eco-fashion line. Its made from bamboo and is softer than cotton! Throw it on over your workout tights to grab a quick lunch after your workout. Bamboo is a critical element of the economy. It is 100% biodegradable, naturally grown, thriving naturally without any pesticides/fertilizers.

Rita dress from Sworn Virgins

6.    The “Koren” recycled rice bucket bag – ( – A large, lightweight and durable bucket bag made from recycled rice bags that will hold more than you can imagine. Made in a fair trade environment in Cambodia of recycled (reclaimed & washed) rice bags from Vietnam.

Karen eco bags

7.    Train at home or outside with a GoFit Gravity Bar ( - It builds strength and core stability using your own body weight. Or, have a "excerise swap day” with your friends once a month and trade equipment, dvd's, etc -- for more variety and less waste.

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