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Timothy Dance is an American Model and Actor in Los Angeles, California. Dance was born in Erie, Pennsylvania to parents Theodore and Deborah Dance. He has one younger brother and sister. Timothy attended Cathedral Preparatory high school in Erie, PA and excelled in multiple sports. In high school he went for pure speed and became an all-state runner in the 100 and 200-meter dash on the Track and Field team. Full Division One Football scholarship to the University at Buffalo guaranteed the road to receiving his master’s degree in Business from Nova Southeastern University


I understand you were an excellent athlete. Tell us about your experience.

Timothy: I played football and ran track. I earned a full football scholarship to the University at Buffalo and played wide receiver. It was lots of fun and definitely an experience that taught me a lot about life.


What is most important to you in your life?

Timothy: What means most to me is my relationship with God first and foremost. Next to that would be the love that I have and receive from my family and friends.


Do you believe giving back to the community is important, and if so, how do you do your part?

Timothy: Yes giving back to the community of Los Angeles is very important to me. I'm proud to support the Imagination Connection. The Imagination Connection is really a unique organization with a mobile arts program that take the arts to senior citizens, developmentally disabled adults, at-risk youth and veterans. They are unique because all of their artists are professionals in their fields. This February they are going to be announcing a kick starter campaign to raise money for Alzheimer's awareness by displaying their Alzheimer’s students' art in a gallery setting in Los Angeles. Check out www.imaginationconnection.org for more details and updates.



What accomplishments are you most proud of today?

Timothy: I would have to say the accomplishments that I’m most proud of are receiving a master’s degree in business from Nova Southeastern University. I am the first in my family to get an MBA. In my career, I would have to say getting Taft Hartley into the Union shortly after starting my career in acting. Lastly, I’m most proud of shooting a National print campaign for Ugg Australia with Tom Brady future hall of fame quarterback for the New England Patriots.  That was an awesome experience; he’s a really cool guy that has lots of good advice and life lessons to pass down to young guys like myself.


If you could play a famous character real or fictional who would it be? Why?

Timothy: If I could play a famous character of my choice I would join Director James Wan’s Fast and the Furious team and drive a really cool car with an amazing cast of actors.




What advice would you give a new talent coming to LA?

Timothy: First off, I must say that I have been truly blessed to have great representation from Gold Creek Management, my agent, and people that truly believe in me in my life. The advice that I would give to new talent in LA is: to be yourself, because no matter the competition, no one can be you, and you are unique and special. You just have to show the people who make the decisions. Lastly, surround yourself with people that have high expectations & that are as hungry for success as much as you. I believe people inspire you, or they drain you, you must pick them wisely.


What do you like to do for fun?

Tim: I love to travel, dine at nice restaurants, watch movies, exercise, and spend quality time kicking it with my family and friends.



What is the one thing a woman can do to get your attention?

Tim: One thing a beautiful lady can do to get my attention is to be a person who is loving, caring, and has a strong faith. If she’s a good cook that’s a triple bonus!


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