'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl'- From Fantastic Fest to Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl ' was screened at Fantastic Fest 2016, in Austin, TX on Friday, September 23rd at 2:30pm and Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm.

'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl' is a Gothic romantic horror Film by the writer, director, and producer A.D. Calvo. The film wisely combines Gothic fiction infused with supernatural elements along with the romance of two young women Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) and Beth (Quinn Shephard). Adele's only friends are stray animals and the strangers she carefully watches with her wide, appraising eyes. Adele is charged by her mother to move into an oppressively quiet mansion and take care of her wealthy and agoraphobic Aunt Dora (theater veteran Susan Kellermann), with the vague expectation of an inheritance looming over this unhappy task. After weeks of silent chores in this newly inhospitable life, Adele meets Beth (Quinn Shephard) who is sexy, wild, confident, and free-spirited. Adele and Beth become fast friends, and Adele starts living new thrilling experiences with Beth that fills her heart and gives her more confidence that contrasts her past empty days. Adele is drawn to a darkness within Beth that threatens to overtake everything and forever rift Adele from her past peaceful and lonely innocence.

Courtesy of Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

The film takes viewers to the confined world inside the mind of a young woman who makes poor choices due to the fading existence of Beth who once made Adele feel desired and needed. As time goes on Adele becomes lost when Beth doesn’t show any interest or care about her anymore and a supernatural, ghostly, and unknown darkness forms. The darkness overtakes everything around Adele and traps her inside a haunted house that once belonged to her now deceased Aunt Dora.

Still.- Courtesy of Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

The Director Calvo delivers an exceptional independent psychological horror film that brings chills that stay with you long after you leave the theater. The performance of the young actress as Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) is compelling, pure, and genuine in the tragic tale where she goes from a pure and innocent girl to one with a dark appearance. She delivers an emotional characterization for the storyline of the horror genre film 'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl.' The film builds up the audience's tension with the variation of pace where the music also plays a big role in the movie. The film is visually appealing and creates a cinematic suspense where the drama, love, and horror makes the perfect mix develop an independent low budget film made with an extraordinary vision. It all ends up with a film made with devotion and struggle that inspires many independent filmmakers, actors, and the industry in general. There will be a possibility of developing a sequel pilot for 'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl’ according to the Writer/Director/ Producer A.D Calvo, which it will interesting due to the intriguing end of the 76 min film.

LA Splash Magazine interviewed exclusively the cast of  'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl.' Erin Wilhelmi and Quinn Shephard and Director A.D. Calvo.

Yenis Monterrey.- I noticed the film of 'Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl' particularly involves the mix of two genres which is fascinating and the film is also placed on the 80’s as a gothic horror film mixed with  the romance that engages a psychological thriller between two young women Adele and Beth. What’s your focus as the director?
A.D. Calvo.- I like a quiet, rooting film that takes place in a house. It’s the classic horror story. I wanted the film to be a horror drama, a story of a young girl that moves in with her aunt to a big empty house, she is lonely and needs a friend who kindly helps her to move to a different place, leading to an event that takes her to the second half  of the film where we find the horror element. I like the atmosphere of the film which is very quiet. In addition, there is a lot of economic subtext in the story since it takes places in the beginning of the Reaganomics. The Reaganomics is based on spending the money now and not to worry about the future.

Yenis Monterrey.- The pre-production of an independent film is usually the most stressful part of the filmmaking. It could be frustrating, tedious. How was your experience?
A.D. Calvo.-  Leading into production was very stressful, the process of making a film for me It is like flying an airplane. I’m a planner and I like to know the runway and the weather conditions and it’s usually slow and steady when you are descending, we had a lot of turbulences (laughs..) I could not keep an art director to stick with the project, they kept on leaving saying that was impossible to make a film with our budget. I lose two art directors and in just two weeks before our scheduled production, so our descending to our runway was very quick and we had many turbulences and clouds. It was so hard, we didn’t even have a location set up and one of the lead actresses also got sick during the shooting.

Yenis Monterrey.- What’s your next festival with the film?
A.D. Calvo.- We will be heading to “Sitges Film Festival” International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Barcelona from October 7th-16th. Here is the schedule
Yenis Monterrey.- I love your character Erin Wilhelmi, you have the role of Adele.What can you tell me about Adele?
Erin Wilhelmi.- Yes, I play Adele. I play her, and you could see her at the beginning she doesn’t have many people around her or support. She moves with her aunt and meets Beth and her eventually her personality starts to change as soon as she meets Beth, she basically shifts her moral compass.

Yenis Monterrey.- Your role as Adele fits you perfect Erin. Actors alway have the dream roles in their bucket list. Do you think you accomplished one of them on the film ‘Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl’?
Erin Wilhelmi.- It was for me a dream role because it got such a clear arc, I think it was a character so fascinating to play because my character as Adele starts in a completely different place than towards the end. It was a character that challenged me as an actress. The Director helped me a lot and he made sure that I knew exactly where I was placing each moment.
Yenis Monterrey.- Quinn Shephard, your character Beth is sassy, trendy, and rebellious. You play an interesting role in the life of Adele since you both have a meaningful connection. What can you tell me about Beth and your preparation for your role?
Quinn Shephard.- Beth, my character, is very manipulative and a goal oriented character and she has a human side to her that I wanted to play as an actor with my role. She has her struggles and she isn’t developing her personality in a positive way. My character plays a strong symbolism in the film with Adele's life that pulls her away from her moral compass and pulls her to a seductive life having fun with beauty, excitement, and sex. Beth becomes for Adele the embodiment of the things that are going to corrupt Adele. It was very fun to play that dynamic with my role. Beth is human, but she is also a metaphor.
Yenis Monterrey.- Erin and Quinn, were the romantic scenes hard to perform?
Erin.- We were both approaching to the scenes in a fun way and Alex is a kind and wonderful Director. If you have great people to work with isn’t as challenging how it could appear. If you are uncomfortable with the other actor.
Quinn.- It was pretty easy and fun for the both of us. I also felt that the whole set was a wonderful group of people, everyone was so open and friendly and we never thought the interaction would be difficult.


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