Sterling Zayas - High Fashion Model From Texas

My name is Sterling Zayas. I am a 21 year old Cuban girl from Austin Texas. Growing up I knew I wanted to become a professional model. From doing pageants and small photo-shoots whenever I could, I have made progress into making my small town little girl dreams into a reality.

I gave up college to move to Los Angeles to become a model and that was my first big step from transitioning from a country girl to a high fashion runaway model. At 5’11 I was always made fun of for being tall and now being tall has never made me feel more confident and more beautiful. My mom always told me that one day I would love my height and today I can truly say that.

I have a long ways to go, but every opportunity is helping me grow and giving me a taste of what is to come. My motivation to keep me going is my sheer will power to succeed in this industry. I have the most amazing family supporting me along my journey and it has been a life changing and amazing experience from walking in Project Ethos, LA Fashion week and walking for some amazing designers such as: Marialia, Shekar Rehate and Dawn Sunflower Designs just to name a few.

I have expanded my horizons and so proud of the woman I am becoming. I hope to be an inspiration for other girls out there with a dream to model. “The harder you work, the luckier you will get.”

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram!


Photos by Houston Costa, Davar Stephan and Russ Wess

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