Sheila B. Review - LA Modeling Star is Ready

Ready to be seen, ready to be heard, and ready to be the face on your fashion magazine—Sheila B. Sheila began dabbling in the modeling world at a young age, working for children’s fashion lines from ages 10-12. Due to school and other factors she had to put her career aside, knowing that the fashion world was going to hear of her again. Graduating from high school at the age of 16 and becoming an honor student in university at age 20 with one year left, Sheila B. knew it was time to put her all into this fashion career.

Several months before her 21st birthday, Sheila began working out on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy diet. After only a few weeks of pursuing modeling Sheila began to be noticed, booking a runway show with acclaimed fashion designer Michael Costello. Following this exposure her name began to be spread around town, working with fashion brands and modeling their clothing lines. Only two months into modeling Sheila B. was flown to New York to walk the runway in Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, an honor many models can only dream of. And one month later Sheila walked in not one, but 4 shows in Los Angeles Style Week, yet another honor.

During many auditions the famous Janis Dickinson, former judge of America’s Next Top Model and noted as the first supermodel, personally told Shelia that she has “the look and the talent to wipe out every other model in the game, if she hones her skills and goes into this full force”. Sheila B knew that she had what it took to be who she pictured herself to be.  From there she set her plan in stone and is still working on pursuing her dreams.

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