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Nostaglia The Web Series Review - Set To Release July 20th

By Meagan Sargent

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Nostaglia The Web Series - Be Sure to Tune in July 20th! Courtesy Photo

Nostalgia, a word that resonates with many, is taking on a whole new meaning this summer! 
Deemed as edgy and unconventional, Nostalgia the web series, created and directed by Jeffrey Lewis Jr., is set to air July 20th at 5PM on Vimeo!
Unapologetically raw, Nostalgia is a web series that accurately portrays the struggle of artists who risk it all in search of self, love, and fame. A road often traveled, this series follows the lives of seven young adults living their dreams in the big city. Through their struggles, friendships are made and broken at an ultimate cost of self-identity and self-worth which inevitably creates friction that is irreversible. 
Nostalgias the web series' breathtaking and chaotic scenes is intoxicating and is a web series you definitely want to tune in to!
Be sure to tune in to the premiere on July 20th at 5PM on Vimeo. 
Nostalgia the web series airs every Monday at 5PM. 
Meet the Cast:

Jeffrey Lewis Jr. Courtesy Photo

Jeffrey Lewis:
Nostalgia the web series, makes its debut July 20th on Vimeo at 5PM. Created and directed by Jeffrey Lewis Jr, the web series is a tale of love, affliction, obsession, and defeat and follows the lives of seven young adults living their dreams in the big city.
Born in Detroit, Michigan Lewis effortlessly portrays the struggles an artist makes in order to fulfill their dreams. "I've been in love with the arts since my first stage play in elementary. It is the only platform where I get to express my authentic self, states Lewis. I am excited to finally release this web-series!" 
In addition to bringing a script to life, Lewis is also hip-hop mogul Sir Jeffreey 5d. Often compared to early artists as well as classics such as: Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Kid Cudi, and The Weeknd, Sir Jeffreey 5d has a futuristic sound intertwined with a vintage soul. The multi-faceted layers of talent with Lewis is incomparable and effortlessly is displayed both on and off screen.
Larry Ragland Jr:
Created from the classics and with an in-depth love for all art forms is Larry D. Ragland Jr. Originally from Idaho, Ragland has a keen eye for art, motivation, and inspiration.
"I would say that was the seed that got planted into me and from there I started to watch a lot more movies," states Ragland. "It wasn’t always the movies that interested me, but the special features of them that made them come into existence. That seed is what lead me here."
Due to his attention to detail and kind nature, Ragland adds color to all art forms. His admiration and ability to mold himself against the grain in order to paint a picturesque setting for his viewers is flawless. Playing the role of Max in Nostalgia, Ragland delivers a performance that is sure to fascinate you.

Noel VanBrocklin. Courtesy Photo

Noel VanBrocklin:
Hailing from Arizona, lead actress in Nostaglia, Noel VanBrocklin pulls out all the stops and proves she is indeed a force to be recoknowed with. Giving female actors a stronger voice, Noel is so intriguing and complex she will have everyone at her mercy.
"I feel like Nostalgia has the potential to accurately portray the struggles of artists who risk it all to follow their dream, (and) has the possibility of having the audience live through their journeys," states VanBrocklin. "I breathe life into a character through my craft, I give it a face, and I make her real. I don't choose to act, I'm a slave to it. I can't do anything else."
Making the big move to Los Angeles a few months ago, VanBrocklin has had her share of student films, shorts, and theatre performances, before landing the lead role in Nostaglia.
Sharon Jordan:
Sincere, professional, and kind is the mantra of Sharon Jordan. Originally from Southern California, Jordan brings the 'peace' to life on stage through her portrayal of Valerie Steggae in Nostaglia. 
Inspired by Meryl Streep, Jordan is no stranger to being on camera as many may recognize her from her role on Disney Channels' "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." However, in Nostalgia Jordan opens up another side to her acting. 
Be sure to stay tuned to see just how Jordan 'brings the peace'. 

Alana Berthiaume. Courtesy Photo

Alana Berthiaume:
Every production needs an alter ego and her name is Kayla! Played by Alana Berthiaume, Kayla is a little bit crazy and outside of the norm for this outgoing, quirky, and bubbly spirit
Motivated by the likes of Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Bell, Berthiaume is a free-spirit who knows exactly who she is and what she wants and will go to any length to obtain it.
Don't let her outgoing personality fool you!

Natasha Rozhdestvensky. Courtesy Photo

Natasha Rozhdestvensky:
Natasha 'Wild Flower' Rozhdestvensky, born and raised in Los Angeles, plays the role of Skylar in Nostalgia. Creative, mysterious, and intuitive Skylars' 'badass' persona is exactly the person you always wanted to be. 
Having a natural love for Tim Burton movies, Rozhdestvensky admires: Rachel McAdams , Kiera Knightly and  Bellatrix Lestrange because they are impeccable actors but also because of their ability to portray strong character roles. 
Also in Nostalgia is Margaret Symm who plays Jo.
Whether its having an irrational hatred of squirrels, collecting animal skulls, having a dream journal,  having an abnosome time at Gishwhes (coined by Misha Collins), or knowing Anthony Hopkins on the first name basis---- this cast of Nostaglia will soon have you tuning in every week! 
Be sure to tune in for Nostalgia's first webisode on July 20th at 5PM on Vimeo! 
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Published on Jun 29, 2015

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