New Comedy/Drama The Builder In Development From Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions

Detroit based producers Vince and Michael Sorrentino are currently in development for a new sitcom/drama television series that will be produced by award winning producer, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, created by Vince and Michael Sorrentino, entitled The Builder.
The Builder is a half-hour, scripted comedy/drama that provides an inside look at the volatile construction trade from the point of view of four brothers, as they navigate a multi-million dollar company through the murky, and often times insanely comical politics of the industry. All under the watch of their micromanaging father, who continues to treat his grown sons as adolescent boys.  After working their entire lives in the construction business, the Sorrentino family have earned themselves a prestigious reputation in the industry which provides and excellent backdrop for this new series that is expected go into production 2016. 

Jimmy Triviano, the patriarch of the Triviano family and owner of Triumph Building and Development has built a business empire in the construction industry. He has an intimidating, no nonsense, straight forward approach to business, and has an impeccable reputation among the community. However, Jimmy is a control freak, a real micromanager of his business and his family. Jimmy has five sons, four of which are directly involved in the family business. He leads all of them to believe that he will eventually hand over the reins of the operations, but in reality there is no chance of that ever happening. Two of his sons, Francesco, the oldest, and Dante, the youngest, continuously strive to modernize the company and take it to a national level. However, they always seem to have roadblocks put in front of them, due to their father’s hardheaded, egotistical and old-style of operations. Another undeserved thorn in their side is Triumph Developments Sue McCarthy, the controller of the company. Sue is a manipulative, vindictive, incompetent and uneducated, who stops at no end to throw everyone under the bus in order to stay in the top position. Jimmy unbelievably thinks she is the gold standard, and this is another one of the many challenges all the sons have in their way of trying to get the top. The pressure is on, between meeting deadlines for their multi-million dollar projects, their demanding clients and the political game…It’s just another day at the builder’s office.

Welcome to the Triviano Family business!

For more information, visit their website.


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