Miss Hong Kong, Erin Tjoe - Makes an Impression as China Hollywood Co-Productions are on the Rise

Miss Hong Kong Erin Tjoe wins Miss Elegance Award


With global entertainment co-productions between China and Hollywood on the rise, it is little wonder why Miss Hong Kong 2014 Erin Tjoe 朱愛倫 frequently travels back and forth from Asia to Los Angeles, California as the newest member of the China Hollywood Co-Production Society. A Marina del Rey yacht club provided the perfect location to connect with an extraordinary young actress, TV host, and producer, who is making a brilliant name for herself in many fields of entertainment.   She is a statuesque beauty with a humble heart, having worked in film, commercials and as a TV host personality worldwide. 


Born to parents from Hong Kong and Indonesia, Tjoe was trained in the business world of Hong Kong starting at age 17.  After becoming an investment advisor at the age of 21 for a private investment company managing multi-million dollar portfolios, she starred in an independent film as a favor to a director friend.  One thing led to another and less than a year later she was modeling for Neiman Marcus and starring in a national TV commercial campaign for Verizon. 


Erin Tjoe attends designer, Sue Wong's Fall 2014 collection debut, the "Edwardian Romance"



This led to a relocation to Los Angeles in 2013 and being named Miss Hong Kong 2014 shortly after.  Her current host projects include host/producer of Green Travel Destination, fashion host for The LA Fashion, co-host of lifestyle talk show Tailor Made, and entertainment host/celebrity interviewer for BlacktreeTV.  She is also a correspondent at the Sundance Film Festival as well as the GRAMMY Awards, Oscars, and other red carpet events. 


In her creative journey as an actress, Tjoe credits distinct moments of inspiration to working with legendary film directors Michael Mann and Woody Allen. When asked what her experience was like being directed by Woody Allen she explains, “Woody really has a gift.  He was able get me to an extremely focused place while being relaxed and grounded at the same time; something I will never forget.”


Erin Tjoe hosts Green Travel Destination



Tjoe recently participated in the Queen of the Universe Pageant in March 2014 in Los Angeles as Miss Hong Kong.  She made an impression on all who attended and received the special award as Miss Elegance.  The involvement of this organization with UNESCO the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is the reason inspired Tjoe to participate in the pageant.


She is full of compassion yet very goal oriented; now she is focusing on her career as a TV host personality and actress in an effort to inspire her audience to live a conscious, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  Yoga, nutrition, and  dedication to green lifestyle choices are shaping her future goals and endeavors.  Green Travel Destination where Tjoe is not only the host, but a producer as well, provides her with the platform to share and redefine a journey of self-discovery.  GTD is now under development as a television travel-show and web presence promoting luxury eco-resorts and adventure.


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