Marion Ossent Interview and Bio - A Rising French Star

Marion Ossent is a French model born in Paris. Her interest in modeling and the fashion world began with a small beauty pageant contests, such as the Miss  Aube competition and Miss Champagne Ardennes. With no intention of pursuing modeling as a career, she went on to win the title of 2nd runner up of Miss France during college. She started to meet people in the industry, and moved back to paris to begin in her fashion design studies. During this point in her life, she continued to model and found an agency to represent her. Soon after, Marion started to work with big names such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Jean Claude Jitrois, Max Mara, Jean doucet, and many others in events, commericals, and magazines.



Christina: What do you like about fashion ?

Marion: “I like the adrenaline. Designers are always in a rush and are motivated to be the best in the business (laughs). The competition between them and between us models as well. Everyone’s dreams surrounding this industry: about the clothes, models, shows, new trends, etc.”


 Why did you decide to pursue your fashion design degree?

 “I always thought it would be important to have some studies in addition to my career. My dream is to make my own clothes line, no matter where I am in life.


 Were you happy to finish school?

  “Of course! I was free to travel, move around, and work full time.”


 What made you decide to keep modeling?

  “I love to model because it allows me to travel. Travelling is the best thing ever; it makes you grow, makes you understand life and people, and it makes you a stronger person. I love that my job can give me these opportunities, so I figured ‘Why would I change my work?’”




Marion started to work on a broadcasting channel in France (M6), where she began to develop an interest in television.  




 Would you ever want to branch out into the entertainment industy?

“I always wanted to be an actress, I just did not know if I could act or not before I became involved in the fashion and television industry. Now, I know that I want my life to be all about the different areas of the media. I want to show others what I can achieve. My work is my passion, so therefore I am a hard worker.”


What kind of movies would you enjoy working in?

  “I would really enjoy working in action movies; they build up suspense and have the ability to entrance you in what is happening that you feel as if you are in that world. I would also like working in tragic movies too. In my opinion, movies should be emotional. It’s good to share our feelings, especially when we are so busy with our everyday life that we can forget about our own emotions and feelings. I would probably also like working in comedies. Okay, I basically like everything (laughs); except maybe not scary movies. I don’t enjoy feeling scared”




Marion has had a main role in the French short film of “La Grande Traque”, which is in post-production at the moment. She plays a virtual person whose duty is to kill a dangerous computer virus that is out to destroy the world. She also has a few more upcoming role proposals.








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