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Malin Steffen - Talented Actress and Model From Germany

By Destiny Soria

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Born and raised in Neumünster (North Germany) and now She lives in the city of Kiel. She just turn 20 on her birthday just couple days ago. She is into acting, for example she had a small part in "The White Ribbon" which was nominated for two Oscars and got a Golden Globe, the Golden Palm of Cannes and the European Film Award.

The last movie she did was "Die vierte Gewalt" (In English "The fourth force"). She played the lead part called "Franziska". You can find some short clips on her homepage: Malin Steffen

When she was in L.A. for the first time this October, She completely fell in love with the city. She really wants to come back next year, but she is looking to get an agent or a paid job over there to get a working visa. We'll see what happens. Right now She's busy in Germany with modeling and shooting some projects.

She wrote and published Her first book at the age of 15 and she is also a singer and songwriter, too. It's called "Mieze auf Schatzsuche" which would be "Kitty on Treasure Hunt" in English. It's about a young girl called "Mieze" who tries to find her personal treasure. She also did a music video for Cali Swag District new music video “Shake Somethin” as one of the leads.

Photo by Erik Schlicksbier


Published on Jan 14, 2014

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