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Klara Gadd – An Aspiring Young Actress from Sweden

By Caroline Gustavsson Adlercreutz

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Klara Gadd, 19, was born and raised in Huddinge, Sweden, a small town outside Stockholm. At an early age Klara loved to watch movies, and she was very fascinated by the talented actors who made the movie come alive. The first actress to catch Klara’s attention was the young redheaded Lindsey Lohan when she saw her in Freaky Friday.


Klara Gadd

When Klara was 15 she started doing Musical Theatre and taking acting classes. Klara comes from a family with a very academic background and many of her family members and relatives wanted that for her too. So when she first dropped the news that she wanted to become an actress, they were not thrilled, hoping it was a phase and she would change her mind. But Klara knew what she wanted, and when her relatives saw her perform in her first performance, they saw her commitment and passion about acting. After seeing her perform, they knew she would not change her mind. Instead they started to accept her choice and show their support.

Klara knew that the chances of achieving her dreams of make a living as an actress in Huddinge are small. So she decided to take the biggest step in her life and move to the city where the entertainment industry lives, Los Angeles.

When Klara turned 17, she packed her bags and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to start pursuing her dreams in L.A. She had been to LA before on audition trips and already got to see a little of what the city has to offer, but it wasn’t until she moved here she realized how tuff and crazy the city would be.

As a High School student, she finds it difficult to find time for all the acting and training she wants to do due to school taking up a lot of time. After High School she will take some acting and dancing classes and also study language to improve her accent and of course keep going to auditions.


Klara Gadd


Klara, with her variety of looks, loves to take on all kinds of different roles and give them life. Los Angeles constantly inspires her to move forward, and no matter what the future holds, she is determined to make her dreams come true.



Published on Jan 20, 2014

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