Kiersten Steinhauer - Actor, Model and Athletic California Surfer Girl



A true athletic-California-surfer girl, Kiersten Steinhauer was born & raised on a nature preserve, in the beach cities of Los Angeles; as a fourth generation Californian. Being so close to Hollywood, Kiersten was placed in acting classes at a young age. But was kept focused on sports & being a kid.


At the age of five, Kiersten fell in love with the sport of tennis, and started training daily. Which led her to compete at a national level by the age of ten. Her passion of tennis opened her eyes to her love of acting, when she booked a Sony tennis commercial for Japan.


After shooting the commercial, Kiersten’s parents reminded her that she had to keep focused on her childhood and sport, and could later pursue her love of acting. So she continued to train, & competed super nationally from the age of 12, until she was recruited as a scholarship athlete by Point Loma Nazarene University, in San Diego, CA.


Going to a liberal arts university, gave Kiersten the opportunity to major in Media Productions with a concentration in Performance. Where she learned the ins-and-outs of TV/Film production. Giving her the valuable & unique skill set as an actor, to be able to envision not only how her acting choices would effect her scene partner, but also the director, sound men, camera men, editors, and production as a whole.


Studying theatre and the fine arts abroad in London, was another highly formative experience for her career. Being able to watch and learn from the top plays & troops in England, truly grew her an appreciation for the art of acting.


After graduating in May of 2013, Kiersten headed straight back to Los Angeles, to fully focus on her acting & modeling careers. Where she quickly signed up and completed courses in commercial, theatrical, improvisation, scene study, comedy, on-camera audition, and more at top acting studios.

When not in class, Kiersten tries to get herself in front of a camera, or on a stage as frequently as possible. For modeling, she competed in the 2015 Miss Malibu pageant, winning the Miss Congeniality title, walked in an L.A. fashion week and a South Bay magazine runway show, and is modeling for print. As for acting, she has been cast as a reoccurring role in a SAG web series, “Wave,” is working on shorts, and is currently rehearsing for her upcoming play, “Happily Whatever After;” opening in early December.  

When not honing in on her crafts, you can find Kiersten in the ocean, surfing with the dolphins, on the tennis court, exploring the trails, or playing pretty much any sport she can get her hands on.


Check out her reel at:  (la casting)

View her website


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