Kiara Nativity Belen - A Champion Making Her Mark on the World

Kiara Nativity Belen was born in New Jersey, but moved to Las Vegas with her family early in her teens.  She was the oldest of seven children and often found herself the protector for her siblings.  Her stepfather was mean to her and, even after he and her mom divorced, he continued to inflict pain by denying Kiara visits with her siblings.  Devastated, but not defeated, Kiara was driven to fight; she was determined to show that she, Kiara, is a warrior!

Kiara decided to focus on creating a positive life for herself. She began working out and playing basketball.  This paid off because she was offered, and she accepted a full scholarship to play basketball at UC Irvine.  At the end of four years, Kiara was the star shooting guard and captain of the team!  Kiara had only just begun to explore where her talents could take her in this world.

Kiara has taken the world by storm in the pursuit of her dreams.  Millions of young girls have been, and will be, inspired through hopelessness by watching her unstoppable climb to the top!  Many listened to her blow the judges away with her amazing voice in an Alicia Keys singing contest.  She won!  She also appeared in Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor.” “America’s Next Top Model” selected her as a contestant for the show, and she was the runner-up for cycle nineteen of the show.  Kiara has not held back! 

Kiara is currently working on music and a clothing line.  Of all her accomplishments, she remains humble and always remembers from whence she has come.  To give back, she supports “Children Uniting Nations,” a non-profit organization that lends itself to the livelihood of foster children.  Through her love for life, she continues to let her light shine because she, Kiara Nativity Belen, is a champion! 

Learn more about Kiara Nativity Belen, join her on Facebook and Twitter!

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