Kara Duncan - A Triple Threat


Native to one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Kara Duncan was born and raised in Ontario. As much as she enjoyed living in Toronto, Kara moved to New York in 2011 to pursue her much desired acting career.

In 2013 Duncan completed the international tour of West Side Story based out of New York City which was directed by Tony nominee Joey Mckneely, where she played the role of Francisca, a shark and Consuelo.


Kara Duncan


After finishing the tour, Duncan went back to her hometown of Toronto where she had numerous job offerings. Her latest project was filming for the season finale of SYFY’s Warehouse 13. After wrapping for SYFY on August 30th she moved to Los Angeles on the 31st! A one day move, talk about taking the bull by the horns!

Although her strong points are within the stage and in front of the camera, she has 20 years of dance experience under her belt. Her professional dance training revolves around various dance genres like ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, acrobatics, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, and pointe. Duncan also has extensive experience in Musical Theatre, T.V. series, feature films, and national commercials.


Kara Duncan


Duncan not has talent and beauty but she’s also got the brains! This extraordinarily talented triple threat is a Ryerson University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Aside from her acting and dancing talents, she is also a singer and a member of the ACTRA in her beloved Toronto.

Kara is extremely passionate and serious about her future career with acting, thus the reason why she chose to move to the Golden State and reside in Los Angeles. She states that she loves L.A. and has met many great people while living here.


Kara Duncan


Keep an eye out for her and remember her name because with talents like hers its most likely you’ll be seeing more of her!

For more information of Kara Duncan visit her official website here.


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