Jenna Rae Osterlund - Dreams Do Come True

When Jenna Rae Osterlund was a little girl, she dreamt of being a neurosurgeon, then a grocery store clerk, then a bartender, and then promised herself that one day she’d be an actress.  Being a one-trick-pony wasn’t alluring to her, so she decided to make her dreams happen.  Well, almost all of them.

Jenna Rae Osterlund - Photo Credit: Raphael Patricio A.

Three months ago Jenna packed up her pink suitcase, left everything behind in a small Wisconsin city, and headed out west.  LA welcomed her faster than she imagined would be possible.  In Jenna’s short time here, she’s worked with an iconic Oscar winning actor and director in his upcoming feature film, worked on both established and awarded television shows as well as upcoming series, walked the runway in LA Fashion Week, modeled and served as a brand ambassador for an apparel brand, modeled in a Nickelodeon star’s fashion music video, and was considered to play the female lead in an upcoming feature film.

Jenna Rae Osterlund - Photo Credit: Raphael Patricio A.

Jenna didn’t forget about her neuroscience dreams, either.  She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude after studying psychology and neuroscience, and has put her degree to use at UCLA’s Brain Research Institute.  Jenna is currently assisting in research that is helping find neural and genetic biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease.  She aspires to obtain her Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience and contribute to topics such as neuropathology, consciousness, and psychopharmacology, to name a few (all while being an actress, of course).

Jenna Rae Osterlund - Photo Credit: Dang-Co Vu

Jenna’s journey started when she was a little girl in local musicals.  From the moment she got to live and perform a life that wasn’t hers, she was hooked.  Every summer Jenna’s parents went through the process of driving her to rehearsals and supporting her at each show.  Jenna’s parents knew her pre-performance routine by heart: blaring Garth Brooks and flipping out if anyone spoke to her within five hours of show time, returning to sweetness after the show was over…and then repeating this for 16 years.  Even though she’s now 22 years old and 2,000 miles away, Jenna’s parents support has grown stronger than ever.  They’ve taught her to enjoy her journey, even the bad parts, and to thank God every night.  Her boyfriend playfully reminds her to be a “strong northern girl” when she starts missing home.

Jenna Rae Osterlund - Photo Credit: Ontay Johnson and Doyin “Doc” Adewole

Jenna’s experiences back home are pivotal foundation for her success in Hollywood.  Her comfort zone was working locally in musicals, plays, commercials, comedy shows (which Martin Sheen has been featured in), and after being able to come home to friends and family.  Home is where Jenna learned the importance of gaining respect through demonstrating intelligence, a great work ethic, and confidence in decision making.  Though she loves and appreciates everything her comfort zone has taught her, leaving it to chase the promise that Jenna made herself as a child has been her most profound life lesson yet.  

Jenna Rae Osterlund - Photo Credit: Raphael Patricio A.

There is nothing Jenna would love more than to be able to impact the movie industry so profoundly that her work becomes an iconic piece of Hollywood history.  She was not built to be a trend; she is built to be a classic.  Jenna doesn’t take childhood promises to herself lightly.

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