Up Close & Personal with Actress Entrepreneur Esther Marie

I got the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and charming Esther Marie who is an actress and entrepreneur.

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Her  burgeoning career in acting has also fueled her love of the arts and expression of her creativity by making her own jewelry line.

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Q: Give us some background on your heritage
My name is Esther Marie, I was born and raised in Los Angeles to Cuban and Guatemalan parents. Both hard workers, I quickly learned if I was going to make it in this life, I too will have to work hard. My love for the arts and design quickly became a forever goal to accomplish.  Working to "just work" wasn't making me happy. so, a few years ago I came to conclude that if you’re not doing something
you truly love in life, it’s just not worth it.

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Q: What inspired you?
That mantra basically enabled and inspired me to embark on the entrepreneurial path that I am now on. The path to freedom which has always been innately imbedded in me and continues to be my way of life. I have always been a free spirit and just a person that goes with the flow.
Q: Why did you embark on this path?
Both acting and the Arts including designing are freedom. It is a freedom of expression and a freedom of allowing your creative juices to flow. Artistry to me, is ultimate for self being and self-purpose; it allows a person to grow on a personal level and allows me to materialize my visions. The arts (acting), jewelry and design are something that allow me to be, there is no wrong or right, it just is; and therefore brings about the beauty in all of it.

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As far as my jewelry is concerned,  the pieces that I create are inspired by my environment. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My design inspiration comes from my travels and the mere fact of being raised in a cultural melting pot. Making jewelry allows for me to incorporate my travels with my visions.

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A feather earring to me is not just a feather earring it conveys freedom and a sense of independence. Everything I do with jewelry or the Arts fulfills something in me. I make jewelry and sell it on my site. What started as a hobby, is now a business.  I also sell on Instagram and social media

Esther Marie bracelet

Q:What other social media can we find you on?
Q: What other projects do you have going on? 
When I'm not filming segments on the 7 minute Hockey show, I enjoy sharing my talent with up and coming producers and directors. I just shot an indie that will be out in the near future. We worked really hard on the project and had lots of fun doing it!
I also have an animation show and a tv project getting closer to flourishing. It is top secret so I cant divulge it yet but I will kep you posted!
 I believe the future is happening now for me, and the universe will be rewarding me very soon.  I love to be positive and persistent.
 Q: You are very beautiful, do you have any beauty tips for the readers?
Beauty tips to live by: changing your pillow case every night reduces from having whiteheads and blackheads, it keeps from oil formation in your face. I change my pillow case every night. 

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