Hannah Jones - A Positive Influence in the Entertainment World

My name is Hannah Jones but after appearing on America’s Next Top Model on Cycle 16 I go by “Hippie Hannah” and “Doll Face”. The journey to becoming a model began only months before winning third place on the Tyra Banks reality television competition where girls (and now boys) compete for the opportunity to score a big agency modeling contract and brand campaign.

Hannah Jones Photo by Taylor Kent Make-up by Meagan Schmitz

After the show, I began modeling professionally in my home state, Texas. After a year of working for local and nationwide brands (JCPenny’s, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and Francesca’s Collections to name a few) I packed my shoe bag and drove my car through Route 66 to Los Angeles. Since September of 2012 I have lived in one sublet situation to the next, from a doctor’s home office in the Pacific Palisades to the guest room of a non-English speaking elderly Korean couple (who are also generous cooks), to house/dog sitting for a former “Full House” cast member who is currently on location acting in his next film and writing one himself.

Before I thought I could model, I shot pictures of my friends and was studying photo-communications at St. Edward’s University in Austin. I grew up playing with a video camera. I loved making stories come to life through the magic of motion picture and still do. Since I was old enough to take direction, I have been in acting classes and workshops. I enjoy becoming characters that range from kooky and quirky to dangerous and mysterious.

Hannah Jones Photo by Ben Hisoler


Several people have contributed to my passion for the world of entertainment. I owe a fair amount of the blame to my late grandmother and hypnotist, Nancy Jane Day. She was responsible for originally giving me the ability to pursue my dreams. “Nanny” was the one who granted my wishes of acting classes and took me to my first runway casting (which I booked) as well as my first photo shoot.

My parents have always supported me and have never let me stop believing in myself. They both modeled in their youth. My mom also appeared in movies as well as music videos. She is especially proud of her role as the girl in ZZ Top’s music video, “She Loves My Automobile More than Me”.

Toni Benson at Third Hill Entertainment is the latest addition to my team of angels. She called me in her office at the end of July, asked me if I was interested in putting myself on tape for theatrical submissions, and I have happily obliged since.

Hannah Jones in Austin Monthly Inside


Other than Tyra Banks, whom I may owe my start to, I was greatly influenced by Lucille Ball when I was growing up. Late at night re-runs of “I Love Lucy” showed me a woman that wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself or openly cry like a baby. I love Lucy for her fearless and innocent presence on camera that has continued to influence the format of television sitcom.

I am also greatly influenced by and admire the fine arts painter, Shelby Jost. She taught me, regardless of the situation, to always acknowledge the positive, silver lining presence of angels.

Hannah Jones Photo by Ben Hisoler


My goal is to always challenge myself, to keep learning and to be a positive influence in the entertainment world, offering never ending inspiration to ignite and unite the best in others. I would love to be an actor in television and film, a spokes model and the face of a brand/campaign, as well as a writer, producer, and creative director. 

Hannah Jones in Mila Hermanovski


My manager is Toni Benson at Third Hill Entertainment, and I am represented by LA Models for Runway. 

Check out Hannah Jones’ work, or subscribe to her Youtube Channel, follow her on Twitter, and Instagram!

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