Eman Al-Hassan - 21 Year Old Law Student

Eman Al-Hassan is a 21-year-old college student from Ohio with her sights set on pursuing a career in law, here in Los Angeles. She is a senior at the University of Toledo where she majors in Chemistry and minors in both Political Science and Philosophy. She plans on attending law school in the Southern California area and wants to utilize her chemistry background by practicing patent law. While on a one-way track to a legal career, Eman came to LA because her ambitions exceed a typical white-collar job.


Eman hopes to become a writer and would like to eventually create movie and TV scripts. She first realized this dream when she came to LA last summer for an internship at a law firm. "The moment I set foot in this city, I fell in love with it." she explained, "Not only did I want to stay here, but I realized that I wanted to be a part of the culture here- I wanted to contribute to it. The best way I know how to do that is through my words."

Eman believes that she has a fresh and cultured perspective on the world, which would make her writing very unique. She accredits this to her parents who are both avid world-travelers and took her along on all of their international trips. Both of her parents are from Baghdad, making her first-generation, full-blooded Iraqi.


Eman says that her Iraqi background was the most influential factor in her upbringing and she believes that it has enabled her to view people and society in an unconventional light, which she would like to utilize in her writing. She also explained that living in this city has made her very grateful for her Mid-Western upbringing: "While most people would assume that growing up in Ohio would hinder me, I think that it actually made me pretty tough. The Mid-Western culture glorifies work ethic above anything else and I am so thankful to have that embedded in my character. I think that I have something rare to offer to this city, so I appreciate everything that makes me different."


Even with her mind set on careers in law and writing, Eman believes that there is still plenty of room to deviate from these choices. "Anything is possible in this city", she explained, "Los Angeles is saturated with opportunity and I will never limit myself to one single path. I could end up anywhere, doing anything and while that might scare some people, it excites me. I am so eager to see where I take myself these next few years- let the adventures begin."

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