Eliza Cortez

I was born and raised in thePhilippinesand come from a thick blooded Filipino Asian close knit Family with conservative Christian values. It was not an easy upbringing but I believe it gave me the correct grounding and foundation to be the person I am today. I have been blessed with great parents an awesome sister and brother and some very close friends. I am very devoted and loyal to those I care about and very thankful for all I have.

I moved to theUSAin the early 90’s and have been a proud American citizen since that time. It was not until my later teen years I realized that I needed something to back up my passion for modeling so I decided one of my biggest vocations in life was to help people wherever I could; I decided to follow this vision with five hard years study where I attained my Bachelors’ Degree in nursing which to this very day is one of my proudest moments.

I have over the years branched out into many other areas all of which I have carried my teachings from the school of life with me. I like to model whenever possible and am always striving to create that perfect pictorial; on one hand you have a photographer who doesn’t see the subject or scene, but feels it, creating it from their minds eye, with the very fabric of their being. Then on the other hand you have a model that trusts and respects the photographer and when she is at ease, she portrays not just with her face or her body but with her body and soul portraying an almost ethereal glow through her.

When this union combines you don’t have a photograph anymore you have a masterpiece, a vision of true beauty I use the same feelings to create my poetry.

We must always paint life with our hearts and create these masterpieces of life.

I am also currently trying to produce an exciting movie project, writing poetry and singing. All these projects are created from my heart, because to create something and then give it to others and see and feel I have touched their hearts is the very driving force within me. I want to make a difference to people’s lives in all my mediums. As they say variety is the spice of life.

I am an outgoing and opinionated lady, but at the same time can be shy until I trust someone, because trust is the most important thing in my life, it’s the very foundation of which I build my life. I am also a hopeless romantic and very affectionate and love nothing more than to dive head first, deep into passion, love and emotions which I also try to channel through my modeling. But at heart I am a homebody and nothing pleases me more than a simple picnic or walk along the beach with a loved one.

I have visitedVenice,Rome,London,Spain,Hawaii,Manila,TokyoandIrelandrecently on various projects and hope to sample many more cultures in the future.

Some of my most recent Projects over the last few years are as follows;

MODELING ASSIGNMENTS Shoot with John Boren 2010 Shoot with Barry Smith (Studio 8) 2010 Shoot with Chris Wilkinson 2010 Shoot with A Schroetlin Hawaii 2010 Shoot with Blackwell & Dunn Photography-print Online shoot and interview for Spiremag & Ferenc Ecseki Photography 3rd Black History Market & Cultural Showcase Fashion Show- Runway Model Roundhouse fashion show-runway model Independence Day Fashion Show-Runway model Kamikaze celebrity fashion show, Hollywood LA Fashion Week /KamiShade Bikini shape model LA Fashion week event Urban fashion show, Hollywood Billboards Hair shampoo/Tokyo, Japan Pacific Pro digital - print ad model VIDEO & MOVIE WORK UK Head Representative/Interviewer for new web based cuisine show 2010 Kung Fu Assassins Supporting Role My Dream Girl 2008 ..Cameo Role independent film Producer/Writer/Actress "Finding Elijah" (In development now)



Shoots with Bruce Colero, Barry Druxman, Micheal Rosen, Bruce Christopher SmithUK

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