Eline Syrdalen Interview - The New Blonde on the Block

Eline Syrdalen, born and raised in Oslo, Norway, started modeling at the age of 16. After landing her first big campaign for Loreal Paris, she has since become the cover model for the Norwegian magazine ¨Lifestyle Norway¨, done a campaign for Bavac, one of the biggest sports brands in Norway, and has done many different covers for a multitude of magazines. Her latest campaign was for Helly Hansen, a worldwide sports brand. Eline has also been in music videos for CLMD and Disloscure.


Photo By: Dirk Shchumacker


How would you describe an average day in your life, when staying in London?

-A normal day in London would be waking up early, have my daily oatmeal breakfast, do my castings, or go to work (If I have booked a job that day). Then I would stop by the agency, go for a workout if it’s not too late, eat dinner, then go to bed!


When do you feel at your best?

-After a workout when I come out of the shower. 


What’s your favorite meal?

-Daddy’s homemade burgers or homemade pizza. 


Photo By: Dirk Shchumacker


Where do you go to relax?

-I go to the mountains of Norway with my family where I go cross country skiing, sit in front of the fireplace, read a book, and make some amazing food with my family.


What are some of your good qualities?

- I’m a very good listener, caring, open minded, and usually very positive. 


What do you look for in a man?

I do not have a type, because personality is very important to me. He would have to be kind and positive, because I love positive people. I also love sports, so it would be nice if he would be sporty and adventurous as well!


Photo By: Dirk Shchumacker


Have you experienced anything in life that has changed you as a person?

-In high school I would be left out a lot. One girl decided to make my life a living hell. She spread fake rumors about me and I was never invited to birthdays or parties. However, I was lucky to have a good family and to have a very supportive boyfriend at that time; that experience had changed me a lot, but in a positive way. I now feel so grateful to have the best friends and great people around me, and I might not have found those people if it were not for that bad experience.  


Who is your favorite actor and actress? 

-Julia Roberts and Will Smith. They both have that sparkling energy that makes me get overexcited when I watch them.  


What is your motto in life? 

- “Good people bring out the good in other people” is one of my favorites. As well as “find joy in the ordinary”.


What was your best experience in modeling?

-Because modeling gives me the opportunity to travel the world and meet so many different and interesting people, I have had many different amazing experiences.


Photo By: Dirk Shchumacker


What was the most memorable campaign/job you have done?

-The Loreal casting cream gloss was my first big hair campaign; I still have the diploma from Loreal in my room. There were so many beautiful girls in the casting, and I did not expect to book the job at all, however, after the second call back I had booked the job. The music video I did for Disclosure was amazing as well. In the casting I was dancing like no one was watching, and they booked me the same day! The crew was amazing and while we were shooting everyone was just dancing the whole day. It was even more fun for me because I am a huge fan of Disclosure. Definitely a very memorable job for me. We were shooting in the beautiful mountains of Norway, and the crew was like family.


Which countries have you traveled to, and which one was your favorite?

 -I have been to France, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Spain, England, Morocco, and I am soon going to Milan. My favorites would be Paris and Cape Town. Paris is always so nice, and there are so many beautiful things to look at: the art, music and beautiful parks. Cape Town is also amazing; the people there have the most humble and positive energy ever. There were so many smiles everywhere, surrounded by the ocean and mountains, with amazing fresh food.


Photo By: Brian Rolfie


What has your experience in modeling taught you about yourself?

-Since I have started to travel as a model I have changed a lot. You really grow up fast; you are all by yourself in a big city without your friends and family at a very early age. You learn to not judge people and to be more open minded. You learn to be super patient from the hours of waiting for different castings and being alone on airports and planes a lot. You learn to not take yourself too seriously, and you get used to learning from your mistakes. I also appreciate my family and friends so much more. I feel so grateful for having so many wonderful people on my life. I have seen many people who are fake, only wanting to use you to gain something.


What are some of your future goals in modeling?

-I love the Victoria’s Secret Angels; they are all amazing. Their girly, fresh, and sporty look is definitely something that I would love to represent. 


Photo By: Brian Rolfie


What is your fashion style?

-Since my early age I have loved to dress up. I arranged a costume party for the neighborhood, and Halloween has always been one of my favorite traditions. 

My style is a mix of lots of black, leather and animal prints. During the summer, you would usually see me in different hats and flowy pants, skirts, and dresses. It depends on the weather. If it’s dark and cold I usually wear more black, grey, and leather. In the summer I sometimes will wear an elegant lace dress, but I would always make it fit my personal style. For example, I would pair the dress with brown leather boots, leather jewelry, and a hippie band with natural hair and make-up. 


What are some must-have items you carry in your purse?

-Hand cream from L'occocainte

Chanel Flirt, because it is a super soft and nice scent.

Energy boost from Orgins (an organic face cream).

Smith’s Rosebud balm. 


Photo By: Brian Rolfie


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