Daria Protsenko - A Gift from Moscow

Daria Protsenko began her career at age 17 in the Russian capital, Moscow. After signing with World Fashion Models, she had been quickly found by a scout from Milan, who was drawn in by her unique face. He suggested that she stop practicing her other passion of karate, which she had been doing for 8 years, and focus on her promising career in the fashion industry.


She changed her plans from exploring her Swiss roots in Geneva, to flying to Milan in 2009 and work in the fashion industry. Her career developed very quickly and in the few years Daria spent in the European fashion hub, her dreams started come true. After her success in Europe she now lives in the USA where, her likeness for icon Marilyn Monroe became apparent and now clients search for Daria to use her uncanny appearance, which translates perfectly through the lens. 


Throughout her career she has worked with top brands such as Lancôme, Roberto Cavalli , Mue Mue, Walla, Minka , Viviana, as well as having the pleasure of being photographed by world renowned creatives such as Chris Heads, Brian Anderson, Mark Evans, Lev Efimov, Khoa Bui and Linda Posnick who is famed for her works with Victoria’s Secret. 


Daria’s interests and life experiences are eclectic and have taken her to over 30 countries around the world.  In the future she wants to devote herself to being an oil and gas trader. With her planning for later life, she has made contacts that will one day help her conquer another, vastly different industry.

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