Briana Alegria - Actress & Miss Colombia Conquers Hollywood

The actress and Miss Colombia 2014, Briana Alegria (Briana-Alegria Marie Herrenknecht) was born in Germany, to a Colombian ceramic artist and a German engineer. Briana studied acting at the famous and well-respected Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, which she describes as the best decision of her life. “I follow acting with all my heart and passion."said Briana.

Miss Colombia 2014

Only eleven months ago, after her conservatory studies she moved to Los Angeles. Thanks to her fabulous education, her drive and dedication to her passion, it only took two weeks after she booked her first job in Hollywood

Currently Briana got cast as a lead, a detective, in an upcoming feature film. All signs look very promising regarding all her extraordinary accomplishments in a very short period of time. Her highlights include working on Zac Efron’s latest movie “We Are Your Friends” which will be in movie theatres this year, acting on “Only Now Existing’s Escape Artist” being in music videos with U2, the Latin version of Maroon 5’s song Maps and being the lead girl in the band Mind The Gap’s song Hero. Ever since she became Miss Colombia she has worked with several photographers and modeled for Urban Empire & Otto. The actress goes on multiple auditions a day.

Looking at this very successful woman we ask ourselves, what is her recipe for achievement? We tend to believe it is her will to work, learn and gain knowledge at anytime possible.

Long before she became Miss Colombia she already had her heart set to help. She even started her volunteering at a young age at a retirement home. She tells us, "If you want to achieve something and better other people's lives; Go for it!" At a young age, although it is not the most common thing for young women to visit retirement homes, she did it still. She tells us how fascinated she was by older people and their stories and she loved to be welcomed by gentlemen and good-hearted grandmas. Learning from elders helped her directing her life in the right direction.

Already while still studying and on a vacation break she had the fortune to work in Sri Lanka for a documentary on the country with highlights including interviewing one of the leading Buddhist monk in a convent. In fact we enjoy speaking with Briana about travelling. It turns out she has travelled to more than 65 countries so we could easily fill our interview about her travel stories alone. 

One magnificent journey, we feel we just cannot leave out, is her trip to Ethiopia.

Briana Alegria

When she travelled to Ethiopia, a few years ago, she was impressed by the wonderful positive people even when those individuals, filled with positivity, were rare to find. She tells us how important it is to do research on the country you travel to, to be able to provide necessary help. She learned that it is important, for example not just hand out presents( you bought), as this will only encourage begging but to give it to a local teacher, so it would be the prize for good work. Don’t just hand out clothes, as this could ruin the local tailor and the culture of traditional clothes. 

Unfortunately time is nowadays always an issue in our fast moving world.  Time makes it hard to establish small details, which can make a fundamental change. And of course, in a lot of places you just have to act and give everything right away because there is absolutely nothing but need.

"For an actress it is important to gain from your experiences.  Everyone I meet in my life, helps me to find the story and character, I am dedicated to tell through my performance." stated Briana. 

All these extraordinary and highly educational experiences of her life, make her the passionate, hard working actress with a big heart, she is. We look forward to following the success of actress Briana Alegria

Photos by Briana Alegria

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