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Beach Party is an eclectic band from Los Angeles that is definitely the life of the ‘party’. With a unique garage-punk sound, this band is anything from the norm, and will have you traveling back in time as you hear how they incorporate and mix beats like no one of this decade.  The hilarious men of Beach Party gave us a little insight on what it’s like to tour, be in San Francisco, and simply live every day like a ‘party’.


Beach Party! Courtesy Photo

Beach Party is the intoxicating bi-product of creative brain children, Rob Banks and James Hurst. Formed in September of 2012, the duo began recording their first demo in an apartment. The band has incorporated their musical influences and original ideas to put a whole new spin on their sound which is- hedonistic surf rock with a 60's garage band twist. After bringing friend's and fellow musicians, bassist Adam Arcos and drummer Nico Macciocca on board, the stylish brood of libertines was complete and in turn Beach Party was created. Hitting the ground running the band has not only made it big in the UK but they have already started playing shows in Los Angeles as well as major festivals such as Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco and SXSW in Austin, TX.

The name ‘Beach Party’, has no meaning, instead the sound incorporates the beach since that is how many of the group was brought up, and ‘party’ is positive and fun-which is just what they want to create and encapsulate with their music, ‘ a fun atmosphere’. Influenced by bands from the 60’s era the quartet says ‘Motown’ has also influenced their sound, as they try to bring back quality and depth to music, as it has been said that music today has lost it’s touch.

“Touring has been really fun,’ says Beach Party, ‘we like to see fresh faces and to play at shows that are all ages is really awesome too because the kids have a lot of fun and dance around and just bring a different energy to the scene.”

Coast to coast Beach Party will take the stage at the El Rey Theatre on March 21, 2013 to open for major music mavens, the Black Lips, (who they are fans of). Beach Party is making more than just waves; they are leaving their permanent mark on society upon hitting the road! Be sure to catch up with the gentlemen of the group and fall back in love with musicality with a West coast twist through their dynamic sound and spirited performances.




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