ESPN Zone® Anaheim Review – The Liveliest Sports Experience without Actually Being at the Game

It used to be that there was nothing like attending a game in-person. The roar of the crowd, the sights, the sounds, but now the alternative has become more than an afterthought, watching the game on television has become the ultimate viewing party. Other than saying you were actually at the stadium, there is no better place to watch the big game than at ESPN Zone® Anaheim. ESPN Zone has elevated the game day experience to another level and after one trip to ESPN Zone you just might never visit another stadium.

The World Cup at ESPN Zone

If you are thinking about going to a game to watch your favorite team in person you can expect to be faced with costly parking, even costlier tickets, expensive food that doesn’t live up to the cost and warm beer that you hope doesn’t get knocked out of your hand as you are struggling to make your way back to your seat. What is the alternative? How about a 16’ television that is surrounded on each side by six more televisions and a restaurant that has over 120 televisions in total so you don’t miss any of the action. That is just the beginning at ESPN Zone. If you are in the bar and Screening Room, you are going to feel as if you are in a sports book in Las Vegas, it has that type of feel. You are going to see the scores of every game flashing in front of your eyes and if you don’t like the game in front of you, simply turn to the left or right and you will find another game.

Grilled Steak Salad

Watching the game is one thing, what you get with ESPN Zone is an experience. The large televisions are so big that you feel as if you are on the fifty-yard line. There are no TV timeouts to slow down the game, if there is a commercial; you just watch another game until yours comes back on. Do you want cheering? You got it! The ecstasy and agony of World Cup fans could be felt and heard and that only scratches the surface of the fandom at ESPN Zone Anaheim. You have Angel and Duck fans that fill Orange County. Dodger fans who will find ESPN Zone is one of the few places around Southern California that actually carries Sports Net LA so you can watch every game. Of course you have the Lakers and Clippers once basketball season rolls around and while the rest of Southern California has another television rights issue to deal with, ESPN Zone carries the Pac-12 network to make sure you can watch any UCLA or USC sporting event. It is hard to cover all of the sports that Southern California is home to, but ESPN Zone has them all. If you want to keep up with your fantasy sports team, ESPN Zone taps into the Disneyland Resort’s free wireless internet access.

Breakfast Burger

ESPN Zone is far from your typical sports bar if that is what is crossing your mind. Comfortable booths and tables that are all in prime time viewing locations, unlike stadiums there is not a bad seat in the house! The experience would have to be highlighted by the individual DreamSeat® leather recliners located at the front of the screening room. You would not feel more at home even in your own house, just get there early as these are a fan favorite.

World Cup fans loving ESPN Zone Anaheim

Last, but far from least is the food at ESPN Zone. It will dominate anything a live game will serve up to you and you are not going to want to put up what comes out of your kitchen against the food that is on the menu at ESPN Zone. This is not your typical game day food, although if you are looking for the dish that was made for watching sports, the cheese fries that are buried in a combination of perfectly crisp fries, bacon, cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheese and drizzled with ranch dressing would like win an appetizer bracket contest. The wide-ranging menu contains; Grilled Steak Salad, Mahi Tacos, Grilled Salmon and Sun-Dried Tomato Penne and a burger list that will make anyone happy just to get you started! On those days when ESPN Zone opens up early for sporting events you also get the option of the breakfast menu which features a mouth-watering burger topped with a fried egg. There is no better way to start a sports day than biting into a thick juicy burger and having the yolk run down out of your bun, creating a tasty pairing! The only way to complete your visit to ESPN Zone is with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. This monstrous creation just screams dessert as it contains a chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. Other than trying to finish it, your toughest task will be trying to get a little bit of each ingredient in every bite. You might want to have your friends join you to try and finish this one off.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

What truly separates ESPN Zone from attending a live sporting event, watching the game at home or any other venue is that it has a world of sports games for the whole family to play in the “Sports Arena” on the second level and if that is enough, you have Disneyland® and Downtown Disney® right outside the front doors. If your kids are not into watching the game as much as you are, you can make sure they are having as much as you are by taking them up to the gaming area on the second floor. Air hockey, pop-a-shot, a regulation basketball shooting game, the best arcade games around, boxing, football, a rock wall and much more. Your kids will get tired before they get bored up here and the best part is there are of course televisions everywhere and a bar so you can make yourself at home while the kids are having fun. May sure you get your own game card because all of the games are very adult addicting!

No better place to watch a game

If you and the family are at Disneyland for the day and you need a little break from princesses and lines waiting for rides, lunch or dinner at ESPN Zone is the perfect place to bring the family. If you need your own private break and your family can navigate Disneyland without you for a few hours take a quick stop at ESPN Zone for an appetizer, cocktail, a few innings of baseball and get reenergized. If you are lucky enough to be a Disneyland Annual Passholder, you get 10% of your purchase each time you dine at ESPN Zone Anaheim.

While watching a game in-person still provides a majestic experience, the options that are out there that allow you to avoid the crowds, parking and ticket costs are becoming more enticing. ESPN Zone Anaheim makes you feel as if you are almost at the event and they have so many options to go along with the game that they will change the way you think about how a sporting event should be experienced after one visit.


For more information visit ESPN Zone or call (714) 300-3776. 

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