Wacky Romantic Comedy: Saving Grapes, by J.T. Lundy

Wacky Romantic Comedy: Saving Grapes, By J.T. Lundy

Saving Grapes, a romantic comedy by J.T. Lundy

Description: Award-winning author J.T. Lundy's new romantic comedy, Saving Grapes, is a fun, good-hearted Wodehousian read filled with flawed but colorful characters in a zany tale of wine, women, nuns and villains -- as well as a story of redemption and the power of friendship and loyalty. Thirty-two-year-old Jason Barnes has lost his job and his heart. To make matters (much!) worse, his meddling ex-wife and a wild golf cart fiasco get him in trouble with the law. If can't raise $60,000 to pay a fine in thirty days, he will go to jail. In what looks like a lucky break, Jason suddenly inherits a French vineyard, worth millions -- but there's one catch: if he goes to jail, the vineyard will go to his unscrupulous step-brother. Desperate for cash, Jason travels to France to sell the vineyard, only to discover it's farmed by formidable nuns who must bestow their blessing before he can sell. Complications ensue as he launches a madcap series of dubious schemes and finds himself falling for a French woman. "Although the main character is thirty-two years old, he really is still a child," says Lundy. "He walks a morally fine line throughout the book, eventually redeeming himself in the end. But is his redemption authentic? Readers have come in on both sides of the argument."

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Price: $7.99 to $15.95

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