"Visibly Struck" by Steve Kubicek

"Visibly Struck" By Steve Kubicek

"Visibly Struck" by Steve Kubicek

Description: While most Americans know the story of how the United States won its independence, many are unaware of George Washington’s passionate assertion that God was intrinsically involved in the nation’s founding. Washington’s belief about the many signs, mercies, and favorable interventions of God during the founding of America has inspired Visibly Struck by Steve Kubicek, a mesmerizing new novel based on the true experiences of George Washington and his faith in the invisible hand of God. An inventive and engaging debut historical novel, Visibly Struck takes readers on a journey like no other. Much more than entertaining and inspiring, Visibly Struck operates on a deeper level by providing readers with rich enlightenment. Based on historical facts and meticulously researched, Visibly Struck uses its engaging premise to show readers the signs, mercies, and favorable interventions George Washington saw. Using the narrative as a vehicle for revealing little-known but significant historical facts, author Steve Kubicek delivers an innovative new novel that leads readers on an incredible, faith-strengthening personal journey. Witness the power of God’s mercies and divine interventions in Visibly Struck, a powerful and poignant novel that brilliantly blends faith, fact and fiction.

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