"UP and IN: Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Potential" by Steve Kubicek

"UP And IN: Seven Keys To Unlocking Your Potential" By Steve Kubicek

"UP and IN" By Steve Kubicek

Description: A powerful book with a simple premise, Up and In presents a self-guided tour to adopting the Up-and-In point of view—a powerful, transformative, uplifted, inspired mindset that turns down-and-out attitudes upside down. Drawing on a wellspring of personal experiences, insights from those who provided inspiration, as well as Biblical wisdom, Kubicek crafted Up and In, an exceptional collection of 42 daily readings designed to inspire, encourage, challenge, renew, and uplift. With gentle humor, uplifting anecdotes, inspiring quotes, and Scripture woven throughout, Up and In takes readers on a rich, rewarding, and meaningful journey of reflection, discovery, and transformation. Resplendent with simple truths and powerful personal testimony, timeless Scripture and timely insights, Up and In reveals the seven keys to unlocking one’s potential. Moreover, each reading includes a special “Discovering Treasure” recap designed to encourage readers to dig deeper and give thoughtful consideration to the day’s message. Uplifting and affirming, Up and In addresses such issues as: uncovering true worth and potential; confronting damaging thinking and habits; developing the tools to rebound from setbacks; outlining the path for discovering significance and more.

Steve Kubicek, author of "UP and IN"

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