Forgiving Ararat - This Valentine's Day Take your Sweetheart to Heaven

This Valentine's Day Take Your Sweetheart To Heaven


Description: “Welcome to Shemaya.” This is how each soul is greeted, and thus begins one of the most astonishing tales ever told. Shemaya is the place where souls are tried…at the Final Judgment. The story begins as the heroine, Brek Cuttler, a young lawyer, new mother, and wife of a popular television news reporter, dies unexpectedly and, arriving in heaven, is informed that she has been chosen to join the elite lawyers who defend souls at the Final Judgment. But first she must learn to accept that she has died and why. Yet Brek longs for her lost life, and the cause of her death remains a mystery. Guided by her mentor, Luas, a lawyer who has been prosecuting souls for thousands of years, Brek embarks on a quest traversing heaven and earth to bring her killer to justice, uncovering an interlocking past that places her own soul in jeopardy. Entering the courtroom to face her killer at the Final Judgment, Brek must make a momentous choice that will alter her eternity. New author, Gita Nazareth, takes her readers on a spectacular journey to the farthest corners of the imagination, where hope triumphs over despair and miracles hap

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