The Truth About Men will set you free but first it'll piss you off! Dr. Pat Allen book

The Truth About Men Will Set You Free But First It'll Piss You Off! Dr. Pat Allen Book

The Truth About Men will set you free, but first it'll piss you off! by Relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen

Description: Dr. Pat Allen & Don Schmincke's new book reveals the Science Behind What Men Really Think About Sex and Dating! WARNING: This book will invade your comfort-zone. It was rejected by three top literary agents and dozens of publishers for being too controversial, edgy, or conflicting with current socially accepted norms. The male author originally had to adopt a pseudonym for self-protection from threats from enraged females. But the material is based on over 300 of the latest scientific research studies on how our species mates. • Why Denial Dooms Dating • Why He Misinterprets Your Sexual Advances • How To Be the Unfamiliar Female • Where's a Guy's Real Sex Organ? • Captivate Him with Darwin's 5-Step • How To Avoid Being Seduced! • A Scientific Definition of "Love" If you're a woman, you may wind up throwing this book across the room in disbelief; yet it has delighted every male who's read it. Most have declared it the most factual book on male-female relationships ever written. And it espouses basic principles that, when applied, both genders found superior in producing successful and lasting relationships.

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