The Steam by Steve Alper

The Steam By Steve Alper

The Steam by Steve Alper

Description: A novel, The Steam tells the story of Tom Freedman, a desperate sports gambler, who is lured into a partnership with a corrupt game fixing basketball referee. With keen insight into the worlds of sports gambling, addiction and crime, The Steam could have been a blueprint for the true-life scandal that ensued: NBA commissioner David Stern covered up rogue ref Tim Donaghy’s fixing of games he officiated. Donaghy was only convicted for betting on games he refereed and providing information to gamblers, but not the crime that everyone suspects he committed – fixing the games he bet on. According to FBI tapes, another NBA referee, Scott Foster, was called 134 times by Donaghy usually after calling his bookies. Due to insufficient evidence, Foster was not charged and Stern announced that “Foster was not involved.” Foster is still refereeing NBA games.

Price: $14.95

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