The Power of the Invisible Sun by Philanthropist Bobby Sager: Buy a Book/Give a Ball

The Power Of The Invisible Sun By Philanthropist Bobby Sager: Buy A Book/Give A Ball

The Power of the Invisible Sun (book cover)

Description: The Power of the Invisible Sun is a project that inspired philanthropist Bobby Sager’s series of photographs of children from war-torn, devastated and desperate regions. Traveling with his family (his wife and two children), the photographs -- taken in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, from September 11, 2001 until early 2009 -- depict refugees, orphans, child soldiers, and kids living with conflict, disaster, and displacement. Sager's touching photographs are assembled in his new book The Power of the Invisible Sun (available on Amazon). Purchasing a copy of The Power of the Invisible Sun is in itself a fantastic gift for friends and family, but also has a greater impact in that all proceeds from the book go toward the HOPE IS A GAME-CHANGER PROJECT. After meeting a child soldier whose sole possession was a soccer ball fashioned out of trash, Sager decided to work with Sting and inventor Tim Jahnigen to create an indestructible soccer ball. The HOPE IS A GAME CHANGER PROJECT uses all of the proceeds from the book to create and ship indestructible soccer balls to children from the same places featured in Sager’s photographs, so when you buy a book, you give a ball.

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