The Currency of Life/ Uncovering the Clues to Why We're Here

The Currency Of Life/ Uncovering The Clues To Why We're Here

Why are we here?

Description: What matters in life? Which of our actions count for more, which for less? Is there a point to life, and at the end of the day does it really make any difference if there is or isn’t? What each of us really wants to know is this: Why are we here in the first place? In The Currency of Life: Uncovering The Clues To Why We’re Here, author Mark E. Klein, MD explains why our traditional view of life is flawed and has led us to the current chaotic state of our world. Through an analysis of clues offered up by both science and the seemingly ordinary facts of daily existence, he describes an alternative explanation of life. The following are among the critical questions addressed and answered in The Currency of Life: -Why do we age? Why do our likes and dislikes change? -Why do we repeat the same mistakes as the millions who preceded us? Why don’t we learn from their errors? -What creates reality? -What is the significance of death? The Currency of Life is Dr. Klein’s second book. His first, What Do I Do Now? A Handbook for Life, was recommended reading by many media outlets including Readers Digest.

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