The Atttitude Girl, an inspirational award-winning novel by Mila Bernadkin for young adults and their parents

The Atttitude Girl, An Inspirational Award-winning Novel By Mila Bernadkin For Young Adults And Their Parents

The Attitude Girl, an inspirational award-winning novel by Mila Bernadkin

Description: Jam-packed with emotional conflict, trials and tribulations, romance and humor, this coming-of-age story - a first-place winner in the Arizona Authors Association Annual Literary Awards contest - follows 17-year-old Vicky Benson on her rocky road to adulthood as she struggles with financial setbacks, first love, bullying, idealism, loss and forgiveness along the way. Everyone thinks Vicky has an attitude problem, but in her eyes - she's just being honest about what she really thinks and feels; if people can't handle the plain thruth, well... it's their problem.

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