The Summer Fairy - A New Family Tradition for the Last Day of School!

The Summer Fairy - A New Family Tradition For The Last Day Of School!

The Summer Fairy - A New Family Tradition for the Last Day of School!

Description: A new last-day-of-school tradition is tiptoeing into homes across America! Based on a real family tradition from the early 1980's, "The Summer Fairy" is a children's book and family tradition about a pixie who bestows a small stash of summer goodies and sweet reminders about summer safety to children everywhere. A collapsible, reusable vase inspires children to leave her a flower. With only 13 summers from Kindergarten until graduation, the Summer Fairy helps make the kick-off to each one memorable. Watch the trailer at True Story: Over 30 years ago on the last day of school, in a quintessentially Americana suburb of Cincinnati, two children hopped off the school bus full of excitement, summer dreams, and the carefreeness that only children know. The next morning, they awoke to little goodies and a witty poem left by the Summer Fairy. It was June 1982, and her endearing gesture was poised to become a tradition in the making. Sprouted from the creative mind of a father, The Summer Fairy is a sweet tradition and a fun way for any family to kick off summer and create wonderful memories, regardless of race, faith, or background. Every year, her visit enchanted, inspired and excited his family. By sharing the story, the next generation can create memories and a precious summer tradition...and the magic and wonder live on.

On the last day of school before you go to sleep, choose a flower you’d like the Summer Fairy to keep. Once you’re asleep she’ll come in a flash, leave you a riddle and a small summer stash!

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