The Other Side of The Ice - One Family's Treacherous Journey Negotiating the Northwest Passage

The Other Side Of The Ice - One Family's Treacherous Journey Negotiating The Northwest Passage

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Description: How far will a family go to try and heal old wounds? In the case of Sprague Theobald it was 8,500 miles with his estranged children and stepchildren, a journey he details in the incredible new book, The Other Side of The Ice: One Family’s Treacherous Journey Negotiating the Northwest Passage. Together, they traversed the Northwest Passage – the sea route connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific – which has been successfully navigated by only twenty-four pleasure crafts since 1906, and a staggering number of people have died trying. From his starting point in Newport, Rhode Island, through the Passage and around Alaska to Seattle, it would be a trek filled with constant threat from ice, polar bears, and severe weather. Theobald knew the expedition would be physically challenging, but what he couldn't have known was just how life changing his journey through the Passage would be. The family embarked with unanswered questions, untold hurts, and unspoken mistrusts hanging over their heads. Unrelenting cold, hungry polar bears, and a haunting landscape littered with sobering artifacts from the tragic Franklin Expedition of 1845, as well as personality clashes that threaten to tear the crew apart, make The Other Side of the Ice a harrowing story of survival, adventure, and, ultimately, redemption.

Author, Sprague Theobald

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