The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready?

The Most Important Day Of Your Life: Are You Ready?

The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready?

Description: Reading Maria Dancing Heart's new book, "The Most Important Day in Your Life: Are You Ready?" could help you: 1. Bring more joy into your life. 2. Live more fully in the present (moment). 3. Go deeper spiritually. 4. Become a better partner and friend. 5. Delve into the mystery and magic of life. 6. Become a better caregiver. 7. Know "who you really are!" 8. Move through any life transition with more grace and ease. 9. To help your parents and elders face the aging process. 10. See some of the best kept secret treasures of hospice. 11. Discover what comes after life. 12. Prepare to "start the conversation" with someone you love. This "conscious living" book is a reflection on the magic of life, through the eyes of someone who's walked closely with those who face death. You will learn about some of the best kept secrets of hospice. You will learn how expansive your life is and how lovingly, creatively, and graciously you might live it. And who knows? You just might decide – as the Celtic way suggests – to die before you die, so that when you finally let go of your earthly life, there’ll be no need to die!

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