The Mona Lisa Myth: How new discoveries unlock the final mystery of the world's most famous painting

The Mona Lisa Myth: How New Discoveries Unlock The Final Mystery Of The World's Most Famous Painting

The book "The Mona Lisa Myth", written for a general audience, shatters many myths about Leonardo's most famous portrait

Description: A Mona Lisa canvas recently discovered in a Swiss vault is the true likeness of a Florentine merchant’s wife, whereas the Mona Lisa in the Louvre is actually an allegorical representation of Mary, known as the Madonna Annunziata. These are just two of several new revelations about the world’s most famous portrait, presented in the book "The Mona Lisa Myth" by National Geographic bestselling author Jean-Pierre Isbouts and his co-author, art connoisseur Christopher Brown. Using a combination of digital imaging, source criticism and archival sleuthing, the illustrated book shatters many of the “myths” about Leonardo da Vinci’s signature portrait.

The Earlier Mona Lisa (left) compared to the Louvre Mona Lisa (right). The authors argue that the Earlier version, recently discovered in a Swiss vault, is Leonardo's first portrait.

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