"The Mark on Eve" by Joel Fox

"The Mark On Eve" By Joel Fox

Description: California Governor Judith Rhodes is well on her way to becoming the country’s first female President. But at a campaign rally in Los Angeles, Governor Rhodes’s campaign is nearly thwarted by an assassin’s bullet—but for the quick thinking of Eve, who single-handedly foils the attempt on the Governor’s life. It seems almost miraculous that Eve survived….but Eve is anything but what she seems. Jealously over the love of an 18th century New England pirate prompted a powerful witch to cast a spell on Eve. While she doesn’t age, Eve is condemned to an endless—and often tortured—life. Somehow, Eve has reached present day, her secret intact. But after having wished for death a thousand times over, now Eve has a reason to live. And that reason is to see Governor Judith Rhodes become President of the United States. However, Eve soon finds herself where she never wanted to be: in the spotlight…and Eve will find that not just her secret—but her life, and the course of history—may be in jeopardy.

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