"The End of Healing" by Dr. Jim Bailey

"The End Of Healing" By Dr. Jim Bailey

"The End of Healing" by Dr. Jim Bailey

Description: An extraordinary debut novel, The End of Healing tells the story of a tenacious young doctor who charts a dangerous course to expose the truth about the medical industry. In The End of Healing, Bailey pulls back the exam room curtain to reveal giant healthcare industries spiraling out of control. Alternately mesmerizing and terrifying, heart-wrenching and infuriating, The End of Healing is a rare work of fiction that both fascinates and empowers readers to seek true healing. Informed by Bailey’s two and a half decades in medicine and public health, The End of Healing arms readers with the understanding they need to pass safely through the maze of modern medicine, take charge of their own health, and remake our broken healthcare system.

Dr. Jim Bailey, author of The End of Healing

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