"The Boogie Trapp" - a novel by Kerry Copeland Smith

"The Boogie Trapp" - A Novel By Kerry Copeland Smith

"The Boogie Trapp" - a novel by Kerry Copeland Smith

Description: The Boogie Trapp is the story of two young boys—Charles Edward “Trapper” Trapp and the aptly-nicknamed, born-under-a-bad-sign Boogie Smith, the novel’s narrator—and that day, decades ago, when time almost stopped for the boys. When the novel opens, it’s over a half century later and time finally has stopped—at least for one. Protagonist and narrator Smith, now 72, recounts the day he receives word that his old friend Trapper has passed away. But there is more—far more—than simply grieving the loss of his friend. Weeks later, just as he knew he would, Smith receives a letter from Trapper reminding him to complete what Trapper calls “the last and most important mission” of his life. Completing that mission means rewinding to April 1949 in Black Creek, Alabama, a small coal mining town just north of Birmingham. Like most of the mining towns of its day, Black Creek has long since vanished, but a dark memory remains. And what follows is the story of that day, April 9, 1949. The day when everything changed. A mesmerizing and chilling debut, The Boogie Trapp will grab readers on the first page and not let go.

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