The award-winning book to help people save money with energy-efficient lighting

The Award-winning Book To Help People Save Money With Energy-efficient Lighting

Keep your kitchen cool with energy-efficient lighting!

Description: Since electricity costs have gone up and lighting choices have gotten complicated, the book: Money in Your Pocket with a Bulb and a Socket for Homes and Businesses shows you how to replace your energy inefficient light bulbs with efficient ones. You will know what type to choose, what shape, what lumen, and what wattage. It will save you money not only on electricity for lighting, but also electricity for air conditioning in warm weather and for maintenance, because you replace burned-out bulbs less often, which in business actually exceeds lighting costs. This book walks you through determining what your savings will be and how quickly you will be paid back for the new bulbs. It was chosen for a Progress Award by the Illuminating Engineering Society as a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting. It contains 126 pages, 124 illustrations, 22 cartoons, 14 Rules of Thumb, a 13-page index, and 34 charts and tables, and 15 Real World Examples. It is available at for $19.95 including shipping. It provides individual, national, and global benefits. A win-win-win situation!

Your guide to saving money with energy-efficient lighting.

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