Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma

Street Smarts: Beyond The Diploma

Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma!

Description: It’s no secret that most young adults come out of high school and college with a heavy dose of book smarts, and an absence of real-world, practical knowledge (street smarts). From the publisher of the award-winning series The Skinny On™ comes an invaluable resource for young adults: STREET SMARTS: Beyond the Diploma, by Jim Randel Rand Media Co. Trade Paperback Original; April 2011; $19.95. STREET SMARTS bridges the gap between book smarts … and street smarts. Drawing on a prestigious Advisory Board of leaders in business, education, sports, arts, and the military, STREET SMARTS delivers 125 lessons to help young adults succeed in the real world. Topics covered include credit cards, networking, self-promotion, identity theft, police procedures, vocabulary, communication skills, and personal development. QR Codes on each page send the reader to continually updated content on the website, bridging the print world and the digital world using this technology for the first time in history. This book would be excellent for anyone looking for real world advice from successful people to help them excel in life and career!

Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma!

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Price: $19.95

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