Seeing the Life, by Sophie Dawson

Seeing The Life, By Sophie Dawson

Seeing the Life, by Sophie Dawson

Description: Sophie Dawson, award-winning author of Christian historical fiction, presents the life of Jesus -- called by the Hebrew name Yeshua -- from a unique perspective in her fascinating new book, Seeing the Life. Jesus was a flesh-and-blood baby... a child.. a young man, with parents, siblings, and friends. He laughed and he cried, experiencing the same pleasures and challenges that others around him faced. Seeing the Life introduces the characters of Micah and Dassa, a young couple who befriend Joseph and Mary and witness the life of Yeshua, from birth to death and beyond. Micah, Joseph and their families follow the ministries of John the Baptist and Yeshua, the poor carpenter from Nazareth. Yet conflicts abound. Is Yeshua the Messiah who will lead Israel against the Roman army? Is he a fraud, a cohort of Satan? Or is he something else? The crowds cheer him, then want to stone him. They hail his arrival, then cry for his execution. Dawson invites her readers to 'see the life' as those who lived at the same time saw it, considering the social and political issues which shaped the people and ideas, and ultimately shaped how they responded to Yeshua's words and actions.

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