Seductive Couplets game deck is a fun new game for couples!

Seductive Couplets Game Deck Is A Fun New Game For Couples!

Seductive Couplets game deck

Description: Seductive Couplets game deck is a fun new game for couples, the perfect Valentine's Day gift. It was created with 'real' couples in mind and is available for sale online at (pictures available on this site) and in NYC lingerie shop La Petite Coquette, where it was reordered and is getting great reviews from customers, hailed as 'creative' and 'intelligent,' distinguishing itself from other couples' games which focus on 'raunchy.' The game evolved organically from my desire to keep things playful and sexy in my own long-term relationship. The purpose of the game is to bring couples closer and foster an attitude of sexy playfulness. Seductive Couplets includes 27 games in the deck. The games start off more silly, and build up to more erotic, allowing the couple to get comfortable with playing with each other. Seductive Couplets assumes 1 male player and 1 female player. Same-sex couples are welcome to use the deck, if they do not mind pronouns that do not 100% reflect them.

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Price: $26.00

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